** House Concept
Well Yokodai is more than just a place to live. It is a communal living space, run by and for housemates. You are not required to abide by any strict rules; rather, you are encouraged to contribute in whatever way you think is best for you. The house offers many things to make your stay comfortable and exciting, including gift-economy donated food and goods (there is usually leftover food on the kitchen table). For instance, one housemate might cook extra soup and leave leftovers for other housemates to enjoy. There are more donated goods in the pantry, such as teas, flour and baking goods. Other goods can be bought from the small house shop, for instance rice, beer, stationary or toiletries. The small house shop is self-service; money goes into a jar with a housemate's name written on it.

There are also activities on weekends: parties and workshops. These activities bring housemates together and let the house share in a communal spirit. Participating is a great way to enrich your experiences in Japan.

Originally, Well Yokodai was a guesthouse exclusively for foreigners. Later it became a share house with Japanese people and  foreigners - both are welcome!.
We have many couple and families including babies and children. House manager is Christian, but most of us are non-Christian.

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